'Lily Corcoran is a graduate of Crawford College of Art and Design in Cork City. Under the name ‘Petal to Petal’, Lily illustrates and designs a range of fine art prints, paper goods and textiles and also collaborates with other artists and companies. Lily’s artwork has been exhibited both nationally and internationally in London, Paris and Berlin. Lily is registered with the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland.

Lily lives in the beautiful countryside of West Cork and is inspired by patterns in nature and especially those found in flowers. Lily particularly loves working in monochrome and concentrating on the shapes and detail of a design. When working she tends to amalgamate the most intriguing detail from a number of different flowers into one representation. For over a decade Lily has been refining her unique illustrative style and her original pattern, titled ‘Flower Bomb’ which she uses in most of her work.

Lily's aim is to create beautiful objects and pieces of art that people would love to have in their homes.'

As well as working on designs for Petal to Petal, I am a full-time Mum so my working hours revolve around nap time! I am currently working on a new range for late Summer 2019 but if you’d like to get in touch to discuss work, request my wholesale price catalogue (limited stock available) or just to say ‘hello’, you can reach me petaltopetal@gmail.com